When should your septic tank be pumped

When Should Your Septic Tank Be Pumped?

When should your septic tank be pumped is a good question.  As most of the home owners tend to forget about their septic tank until it is too late.

However, if neglected for long, the whole system can become a huge problem for you. A septic system is designed to process all your bio waste efficiently if however, it is regularly maintained and pumped.

A flurry of questions arises then, like when should your septic tank be pumped?

What are some signs that reveal this information? How do you maintain the septic system? And many more.

One thing is for sure that you should act much before a small problem becomes a huge nightmare and costs you much more than it would have.

Some early warning signs that tell that your tank is unhealthy

Detecting an unhealthy septic tank by looking at it is not possible from inside the house however there are multiple markers that indicate that the system needs an emergency or scheduled maintenance.
Some of which are

  • Unpleasant and strong smells mostly resembling that of a rotten egg
  • Grass outside around the tank area is much greener and thriving exceptionally well
  • You struggle to clear toilets and drain in the house
  • The area around the septic tank outside is mostly remains wet
  • Liquid waste is overflowing

If these are some of the things you can observe, it is time for the annual maintenance if it has not yet been carried out.

If the annual maintenance has been carried out and still these signs occur, then you might need some emergency assistance.

This should answer your question about when should your septic tank be pumped?

How often does the tank require to be pumped?

Most of the septic systems are designed to have maintenance carried out once in every two years. Having said that, it should not sway you from getting a regular inspection done once in a year.

If you have a large family or your family has significantly grown since the septic system was installed, then the frequency should be at least once in a year.

The more pumping is done, the easier it is for the system to run in its peak condition. There are times when you get confused as to when should your septic tank be pumped even though it has not been long since the last time the cleaning guy visited your house.

In that case, you can easily call up the company and enquire about the situation. Timely pumping helps you to:

  • Prevents the slow drainage in showers and toilets
  • Prevents blockages in the sewer and drains
  • Eliminates foul odors
  • Prevents damage to the system due to clogging
  • Reduces the discharge of raw sewerage

Maintaining your septic system for longevity

It is a no brainer that regular maintenance is essential for any sort of utility system, sewerage or any other. You must prevent the smaller issues escalating into larger, unmanageable ones by following some tips that will help you in the long run:

  • Do not flush just about anything down the toilet – use trash bins.
  • No harsh chemicals and paints should be poured into the drainage system.
  • Trees and shrubs that have deep roots do not need to be near your septic tank area.
  • Always seek help from trained professionals for regular or emergency situations.
  • The lesser grease and oils you dispose in the drain the better it will be for the health of your septic system.

As a thumb rule, if any time someone enquires you or you are confused about when should your septic tank be pumped, all you need to remember is once in a year. Annual maintenance is key to a healthy septic system.

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