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What Will Ruin a Septic System?

What Will Ruin a Septic System? Many homeowners are unaware what can be put down the drains. Septic systems are quite fragile and many unexpected everyday items can clog up or damage it. If you have a septic tank in your home, you should know how to keep it in good condition to avoid costly repairs or replacements. There are many things that can ruin the system and chances are you don’t know about them. 

Flushing & Draining Items

Flushing and draining the wrong items down the system are the most common causes of damage. When you drain objects down the system, they can create clogs and blocks leading to potential major repairs. It is always recommended to flush only organic solids down the septic system. Remember that anything that goes down the drain through the sink, bath and tub will also end up in the septic tank. 

The following items can ruin your home’s septic system if you flush or drain them into the system:

    • Kitchen Grease: All types of grease will add to the scum layer in a septic tank. It is recommended to install grease traps to prevent grease from reaching the tank. 
    • Chemical Cleaners: All septic systems rely on bacteria to break down the waste. Avoid putting chemical cleaners into the drains or toilet. They can destroy these good bacteria and disrupt the breakdown process. 
    • Toilet Paper: While toilet papers seem to be flushable, most do not break down. The paper can cling onto the surfaces and make it difficult for the system to work effectively. It can also make it difficult to pump out the system. Paper towels can jam the pump and can cause costly repairs.
    • Dryer Sheets: Dryer sheets are made of synthetic fabric that doesn’t biodegrade. These sheets can also clog the inlet baffle.
    • Trash: Toilets and sinks should not be treated like garbage cans. Avoid throwing cigarette buts, dental flosses, medication packets, sanitary items, or contraceptives into them. These solid items do not decompose and fill the tank quickly. 
    • Bath Oils: Avoid throwing any form of oil down the drains or toilet. Oil will float on the top and create a layer that resists bacteria. It can clog the drain fields and prevent the bacteria from doing their job.
    • Kitty Litter: Keep cat litter out of the septic system. It contains particles that increase the solid waste volume in the tank. This can create a build-up of solid waste over time and ruin the system. 
    • Additives: Avoid using septic tank additives to increase the bacteria content in the system. If you are concerned about the slow bacteria activity in the tank, call Diamond Septic Pumping for a professional inspection.
    • Fabrics: If you have kids in your home, there is a good chance that fabrics may get thrown into the toilet. Fabrics do not break down and can cause the septic tank to get blocked. Children can also throw objects such as toys and crayons into the drains or toilets.
    • Latex Products: Latex products are well known for not being biodegradable. Only a very few products are made to break down. Others will float in the tank and will have to be removed during the pump-out. However, this material can clog the drain field or the pump impeller, thus causing expensive damage.
    • Food: It is also important to avoid putting any form of food into the system. It can create build-up inside the pipes and may even ruin the system. Foods will break down to create a thick sludge in the tank. This can create backups. 

The septic system is designed to accept only human waste. Avoid putting anything else. When it comes to toilet paper, use biodegradable paper. Diapers, sanitary napkins, and toys are common objects found in septic tanks. These items can work together to create a scenario that renders the system completely ineffective. This can result in expensive repair or even replacement. 

It is best to have your septic system periodically checked and pumped out. Diamond Septic Pumping can schedule timely inspection and pumping services to provide you complete peace of mind. However, it is recommended to avoid putting any of the items mentioned above into the system. Professional pumping services can add many more years to your system.

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