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Septic Tank Replacement Cost

Septic tank replacement cost. In case your home is growing old, you may need to replace your septic tank at some point of time. Old septic tanks often develop problems frequently, leading to various additional costs in the long run. For instance, it would become clogged and need pumping more often than a new tank. While replacing a septic tank would incur expenses, it would be much more economical than keeping up with the maintenance and repair costs of an old septic tank. 

When should you replace your septic tank & how much will septic tank replacement cost?

Replacing your septic tank is an expensive decision, as a high-quality septic tank can be pricey. Hence, you would want to make sure that your septic tank really needs a replacement, before you go ahead with it. Here are some of the common factors that would give you a hint of whether it is time to replace the tank:

  1. Age of the home

In case the home is relatively new, the chances of needing a septic tank replacement are quite low. However, if the home is close to half a century old and has never had a septic tank replacement before, it might be time for one. Most septic tanks last at least around forty years without any major problems that would require you to replace them. 

  1. Increased water usage

If your septic tank cannot keep up with the increased water usage in your household, you may have to replace the tank before it reaches the end of its lifespan. This is because septic tanks of different sizes have specific needs. Now, in case your family has grown since the time of the installation of the tank, it might be necessary to replace it with a larger tank. The same may be possible if you move into a home with a septic tank of smaller capacity. 

  1. Frequent problems

It isn’t really uncommon for septic tanks to have problems, such as sewage water backup or overflows. However, if the problems are growing too frequent, you might be in need of a septic tank replacement. While it is possible to repair most of the issues with septic tanks, frequent repairs can simply get too expensive. If replacing the tank seems like the most cost-effective solution, go for it. 

How much does it cost to replace a septic tank?

The amount of money that you would have to shell out to replace your septic tank depends on multiple factors. As it is may not be very cheap, knowing about these factors would help you plan ahead and make a suitable choice. 

    • Size of the tank: This is one of the most important aspects, as the price of a septic tank is directly proportional to its size. Thus, the higher the water usage in your home, the larger would be the tank and its cost. However, you shouldn’t purchase a tank of a size smaller than what your home needs, as it can lead to various issues.
    • Material: The cost of a septic tank also depends on its material. Plastic tanks are cheap, with the costs ranging from $830 – $1,900 on an average. Concrete septic tanks are cost-effective as well, usually priced from USD 720 to USD 2050. However, plastic tanks are easy to install, prevents algae growth and does not crack, unlike concrete. Priced between USD 1600 and USD 2000, fiberglass is another high-performing material for septic tanks.
    • Installation costs: Besides purchasing the tank, you would also have to pay for the installation costs. These include the expenses for the inspection, connection, system design, etc. You may also need to replace the leachfield if your septic system uses one that is failing to work properly.
  • Landscaping costs: In case you had landscaped the area over the septic tank, you would have to redo it after the replacement. This is because replacing the tank would require digging up the soil and filling it back in. This is an additional cost that you would have to consider while replacing the septic system.

Are there ways to delay the septic tank replacement?

Once your septic tank runs into major problems, there is little you can do to delay the replacement anymore. However, by taking good care of it and scheduling regular maintenances, you could extend the lifespan of your septic system. This is why it is necessary to hire septic tank pumping services at regular intervals instead of waiting for problems to crop up. It would also save you from the trouble of having to deal with an overflowing septic system. 

Thus, installing the right septic tank and taking good care of it are the only cost-effective ways to delay the need for a repla

cement. A reputable septic tank pumping company like Diamond Septic Pumping should be able to help you out. In case you do need a replacement, you may explore your options and buy a suitable septic tank. 

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