Septic Tank Pumping Cost What you Need To Know

5 Factors That Affect Your Septic Tank Pumping Cost

Choosing the right professionals to pump your septic tank may turn out to be a daunting task. Besides expertise, you need to look out for affordability. A number of factors affect the septic tank pumping cost, however, if you have the right team of experts at your disposal, the task is simplified. An honest and dependable company is what you need. Although you may need some time to find the price-quality equilibrium, nothing comes better than a passionate team of experts.

Here are the factors which may influence the cost of pumping out your septic tank.

Size of the tank 

The primary factor affecting the cost is the size of your septic tank. You must remember, that the tank accumulates not only waste water from your bathroom and toilet, but also dishwashers, washing machines and all other water outlets. Moreover, septic tanks of large apartments are obviously bigger than ordinary ones. Considering the size of the tank, the septic tank pumping cost may vary. While installing the tanks, the builders maintain a proportion between the size of the building and that of the tank. It ensures that you need not clean it too frequently. However, when it comes to pumping the tanks, you need to discuss with the experts about the cost. They examine the tank and provide you with the estimated cost.

Location of the tank

When you plan to get your septic tank pumped out, have a word with the experts. They will send you the quotation based on the estimated price. This price depends on the location of your tank. They may be located above the ground or below the ground. In large and spacious complexes, People often place the septic tank above the ground. The pumping costs of these tanks are relatively lower than those of underground tanks. If the area is less spacious, the constructors often place the tank underground. The septic tank pumping cost for underground tanks is more as it requires more sophisticated technology to pump the wastes out.


Well, you might be wondering that all septic tanks have a similar drainage system. Well, they don’t. The drainage system of underground septic tank comes along with soakaway. This ensures that a certain section of water will pass on to the surrounding areas by after filtration. However, this does not happen in the case of other over-the-ground tanks. Therefore, the septic tank pumping cost rises in these cases. As the drainage facility in underground tanks helps to manage a substantial amount of liquid waste, the cost too, is less.


It is wise to approach a company known for its technical edge. Better technology indicates that your septic tanks will enjoy a cleaner wash. The leading service providers possess their own equipment. From pumping vans to hose pipes and pumps, you will get a state-of-the-art support from the experts. You may think that such sophisticated technology will be pushing up the overall septic tank pumping cost too high, but that is not to happen. Look out for the ideal company where you enjoy the technical edge within your budget.


The best service providers keep on improving. Experience is precious and the more experienced the professionals are, the more streamlined services you get. Some of these companies have around 18 years of experience. It is recommended to opt for their services. Although it may be a bit higher than the novice service providers, you will get quality services.

When not to pump out the tank?

Now, you have an idea about the different factors that may affect the septic tank pumping cost. However, you should not opt for the cleaning services under certain circumstances. Even if you are willing to clean it, you should at least, have a word with the expert cleaners.

These situations are:

  • If the area is flooded 
  • If the septic tank is too old
  • If the level of sludge is too low

In the first case, the floodwater accumulated as a result of storms or hurricanes will hamper the pumping process. In case the tank is made of light materials like fiberglass, the accumulated water will cause it to float. Cleaning in such a situation may lead to damage in the piping system.

In case your septic tank is too old, better consult with the experts before pumping it out. Old tanks made of cement may collapse when they experts pump it out.

Well, you may find the level of scum and sludge to be too low. In these cases, you need not pump it out. However, keep an eye on the sludge level from time to time. Once you find it rising too high, call the experts and get it cleaned.

Hopefully, you will find it easier to assess the septic tank pumping cost once you have a word with the professionals. Consider their experience, technology and overall situation when they clean the tank. The right company provides the right return of your bucks.

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