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Portable Toilets San Diego

Things to Avoid While Renting Portable Toilets

We all are familiar with the concept of portable washrooms. However, by portable washrooms, the picture which usually flashes in front of our eyes is that of makeshift, stinking tiny plastic containers shabbily placed in makeshift areas.  Fortunately, the concept of portable toilets has gone through a sea change in recent times and now you can rent deluxe flushing toilet which contains far more than basic bathroom amenities.

In fact, some of the portable restroom trailers on the market may actually be cleaner than the public restrooms you find throughout your community.

The portable toilets of today are much more than their smelly, single unit ancestors. Guests are provided with all the amenities needed for a comfortable restroom experience, including air conditioning, stereo sound system, TV, carpeted floors and indoor mood lights.

When it comes to renting portable toilets san Diego very few people have real life experiences of dealing with them.  It is important to remember that not all portable toilets are made equal. The larger the restroom, the more space it requires.

Here is a list of seven things to avoid while planning to install portable toilets san Diego

Ordering Too Few Portable Restrooms

Whenever there is a big outdoor event like a wedding or a corporate function usually budget tends to get tight at the last moment. In an attempt to save cost organizers usually, order few restrooms for the event. According to the Portable Sanitation Association International, it is suggested that one should rent one portable restroom for every 100 guests at an event, which means that if you are expecting around 1000 people to attend your event you should install at least 10 portable restrooms. If the event is expected to last longer and if alcohol is on the menu than you can as well try installing few more portable restrooms.

Putting All Portable Toilets In Nearby Locations

It is important that you do not cluster all your portable restroom at one location. Think about the layout of your event and how people are expected to flow through it. Place few toilets near the entrance and then spread them out along the high traffic zone and food servicing areas. Don’t forget to place a few restrooms by the exit since a lot of people might need to visit them after a sumptuous meal.

Lack of Adequate Sanitation Offering

While renting a restroom you should always think about the type of sanitation offering which your service provider is likely to provide. If you have contacted for installing portable restrooms at a food festival then you can enjoy services like hand sanitizers in wash basins as the company understands that people may not want to eat food with dirty hands. The sanitation offerings are important as far as the image of your product or the overall quality of your event is concerned.

Providing A Comfortable Experience To All Your Invitees

Whenever you hire portable toilets in San Diego, always remember that any event, festivals and fairs are meant for the whole family and there will likely be parents with children and elderly members. Make sure you hire a company like who can make your guests feel comfortable by providing areas for breastfeeding, diaper changing and portable restrooms with handicapped access.

Failing To Book In Advance

It is important that you should book all your portable restrooms at least 8 to 10 weeks in advance for the event. Booking in advance provides your service provider with the time to ensure all equipment are available. After all, on your big day, a portable bathroom should be the last thing which you should be worried about.

Hiring Several Different Service Providers

In an effort to cut cost many organizers opt to hire portable toilets san Diego from several small services providing companies. Unfortunately, the main problem with small companies lies in the fact that they may not be able to handle the volume of your request. It is important that you opt for a reputed company like who can easily coordinate pickup and drop off times and devise a cohesive plan for your event by in terms of both placement and quantity of restroom units required.

Choosing Price over Service

We all know that premium service comes with a premium price tag and portable toilets San Diego is no different. When you start your research regarding the best company offering portable restrooms for hire you may come across some companies whose rates are drastically cheaper than others. Before you hit the booking button it is important to understand that these providers achieve low pricing by using sub-quality equipment or by not paying their workers their wages.

Unless you are running on a very tight budget or willing to compromise with the service quality you should always go for a company like who can provide your attendees with the best experience possible.




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