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5 Important Tips to Know Before Hiring Portable Toilets

Planning a wedding or a party under the blue sky during your spring or summer break is surely a great way of starting your new life. However, in our quest to make everything so picture perfect and beautiful, that often we tend to overlook an important aspect of a venue, which happens to be the washroom.

Any party or wedding reception typically takes four to five hours and involves a lot of drinking, accompanied by a variety of food items. Failing to arrange a portable restroom in an open venue can turn your party or wedding reception into a nightmare which is something no one desires.

Portable washrooms are available in many different varieties from companies like Some of them are a basic stand alone units with a simple toilet and washbasin, while there are luxury bathrooms which have all the amenities which your guests can probably ask for.  Factors which dictates the choice of portable toilets include portable toilet rental rates, the purpose of the washrooms and the people who shall be using them.

Here is a list of five important tips which can help you to make a more informed decision about renting portable restrooms.

Schedule a Rental in Advance

The rush to get married or have an engagement is pretty high during the summer months from May to September. If you wish to hire a portable restroom trailer for your special event, make sure you complete the booking at least three months in advance. Luxury restroom trailers are quite expensive and difficult to maintain which is the main reason behind portable toilet rental rates under this category is so high. If you need to cancel the reservation, most companies would pay you a full refund, if you cancel at least 30 days before the actual event.

Make Room for Accommodating Your Portable Restroom

Restroom trailers are quite large in size and often as big as an RV and can get easily scratched by tree branches and can have clearance issues under some tree limbs. Before you rent any bathroom trailer make sure the entire path from your driveway to the exact location where you want the trailer to stand is wide enough to allow the delivery truck to move out after installing the trailer. Most portable bathroom trailers have doors on the passenger side, so it is also important to make sure that side of the trailer remains free from all obstruction.

Be Prepared To Pay More For Restroom Trailers Than A Porta Potty

Restroom trailers are very expensive to buy and are quite complicated to maintain which is why the portable toilet rental rates for a VIP restaurant trailer is almost $600 to $3,000 more than a porta potty. The prices of these trailers vary depending on the facilities offered in them. The basic VIP trailers have extra space and room capacity. In the midrange, you would find a double stall luxury trailer while the top of the line executive suites has facilities like TV music and ornate decor. Standard inclusions in all trailers provided by include tissue paper, biodegradable deodorizer and a urinal.  Options like hand soap, seat covers, sinks and other extras are available on request. If you are serving alcohol, install more than one trailer, since the more a person drinks, the more they will need to use the restroom. Having a single trailer can lead to a long queue. Apart from that cleanliness and hygiene is difficult to maintain when the trailers remain crowded.

Find Out If Your Invite Is Has Any Special Bathroom Needs

Most bathroom trailers are completely self-sufficient and have their own waste storage and water supply. However, the capacity of these trailers is not unlimited, which is why it is important to have an idea about the number of people who can use it. One good practice is to let your rental agency know how many guests you are expecting so they can decide which portable restroom would suit your needs. If you have guests who are disabled or elderly then it might be difficult for them to use a trailer since they have to climb stairs to access the bathroom. There are some companies like who can offer restroom trailers which can be accessed through ramps. They have a line of luxury restroom trailer rentals which can redefine the word elegance in every possible manner. The special portable toilet rental rates are quite higher than the normal rates however; they are worth the money for special needs guests.

Make Arrangements For Proper Hookups

Luxury trailers with TV, AC and heat facilities take a lot of power to operate which cannot be provided by solar batteries. This type of trailers requires a hook up to an external power source which can be arranged from a generator outlet nearby. If you are looking to save money then you can rent a cheaper version of restroom trailers which may need an external water source.

The popularity of trailer restrooms and porta pottys can be attributed to the fact that it gives people liberty to plan outdoor events at a place of their choice without being bothered about bathroom facilities.

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