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Grease Trap Pumping Service. Grease traps are essential to any large kitchen. While these systems are mostly used in commercial kitchens, they can also be beneficial in residential kitchens. If you have a septic system, it is recommended to have this system. It keeps the plumbing clog-free and protects the health and safety of workers or residents. Grease traps need regular pumping, failing which they can get clogged and cause backups. Explore the benefits of regular grease trap pumping and 5 signs when you should immediately seek this service.

Importance of Regular Grease Trap Pumping

Some of the most important reasons you should get regular grease trap pumping service are as follows:

i. Protect the Plumbing & Sewer System

When fats, oils, and greases enter the drain, they will clog the pipes after some time. These substances will become hard and clog the pipes, preventing water to pass. This can create backups, affecting your plumbing and sewer system. Regular grease trap pumping can help prevent the pipes from getting clogged.

ii. Prevent Costly Plumbing Repairs

Regular grease trap pumping helps you prevent expensive plumbing repairs. When a grease trap overflows, it can cause issues in different areas of your plumbing. This can not only be costly to repair but leaving a commercial kitchen closed can also mean a significant loss of revenue.

iii. Meet Compliance Requirements

If there is spillage in the grease trap or grease interceptor, your business will not only have to pay for the cleanup cost but can also attract penalties from the city. The city requires regular grease trap pumping for commercial establishments. It is thus more reasonable to schedule regular pumping instead of paying fines or attracting other penalties.

iv. Create a Healthy & Safe Work Environment

Failing to pump the grease trap on time can result in water back up through the sink and other fixtures. The wastewater is both hazardous for food safety and the safety of your workers and guests. When you keep up with the regular maintenance schedule, it helps create and maintain a healthy and safe work environment.

When Do You Need Emergency Grease Trap Pumping Service?

If you notice the following signs, you should immediately call for grease trap pumping service:

Slow Drainage

As grease traps start filling up, they gradually lose their efficiency. Do you notice a thick grease cap atop the trap? If you do, it will make it increasingly difficult for water and other materials to drain through. If the drainage is moving slowly, it can mean that the grease trap needs pumping.

Bad Smell in the Kitchen

When oil, grease, food waste, and sludge get trapped and sit around for long, it will produce a bad smell. If there is a foul smell in your kitchen and it has been months since the last grease trap cleaning, you should seek out pumping services.

Detecting Grease Elsewhere

When the grease trap begins to clog, there is a good chance that grease will find other lines for escape. These escape lines can include water lines and sewage pipes. If you notice anything as such, you should immediately get the grease trap pumped.

Besides these signs, you should also consider the last time the grease trap was pumped. If you cannot remember it, it is certainly time to get it inspected. Grease traps should be cleaned at least once every 3 months. If you are facing any of the above-mentioned problems or it has been a long time since you had grease trap pumping service, call us at Diamond Septic Pumping. We provide grease trap pumping and septic tank pumping to residential and commercial clients throughout Southern California. Reach out to us at 1-866-592-2115 or send us a message and we will get back to you.

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