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Emergency Pumping Services How to handle emergencies Resulting From Flooding and overflow

Emergency pumping services are the lifeline of many a home across the world. Instances such as a blocked drain needing clearing or the overflowing of the grease trap are quite common especially since we tend to forget about them when they are operating well. It is only when they start giving trouble do we realise that we have been lax in their maintenance. These are situations which require the services of companies offering emergency pumping.

Some common emergency situations

Drain blockages leading to flooding always happens at the most inappropriate times. Thus looking for people and companies providing services for emergency pumping round the clock is a much better option. Situations wherein their services provide immediate and much needed relief are:

  • Sewage Line breaks:  There are times cracks and breaks occur in sewage lines either due to rot setting in or due to other physical factors. These breaks are characterised by bad smell and growth of molds which become visible on the walls holding the sewage lines.
  • Water mains break: This occurs either due to the corrosion that an external pipe suffers over a period of time. Since the water pressure inside is very high, water gushes out of these pipes with a force and thus have to be controlled immediately.
  • Overflow of septic tanks: Septic tanks are outdoor underground tanks which facilitate the storage of all the water and sewage that comes out of a house. They have a capacity to hold a lot of septage at the same time and require cleaning and pumping approximately once every three years. Hence when they overflow the consequences are absolutely disastrous.
  • Blockage of the grease trap: A grease trap helps to filter out the grease, fats and oils from the water coming out of the kitchen or the dishwasher. These filtrates have a way of accumulating and forming an oily mass which prevents and further flow of water resulting in a blockage and subsequent flooding.
  • Flooding: Flooding can occur for a variety of reasons from a burst pipe to an overhead tank leak etc. Flooding, irrespective of whether it takes place outside or inside, requires the immediate attention of people offering emergency pumping services.

There are a number of other commercial and industrial reasons which need the attention of professionals proficient in providing immediate pumping services in cases of emergency. Some of these reasons include:

  • Heavy equipment damage at the worksite,
  • Rain water overflow at construction sites,
  • Sewage line blocks in commercial buildings and industries,
  • Cracks and breaks in the municipal water and sewage lines etc.

The selection of the company providing these services has to be done after some deliberation.

How to choose the correct emergency pumping services

Certain criteria that need to be looked into for getting assured pumping services in times of emergency are:

  • Round the clock assistance since contingencies of this nature can occur any time,
  • Technicians should be trained to handle these emergencies quickly yet effectively and efficiently,
  • Services offered should comprise of the whole bouquet so that you do not have to go to search for another company in times of dire need,
  • Honesty of approach and inexpensive in conduct makes for a service with good outcome and also gives value for money,
  • Should have ample experience in dealing with emergencies of this sort to avoid any fumbling when they arrive at the spot,
  • Should be local to the area of residence since travel and transportation time will go down considerably if a local company is contacted to provide these services etc.

Customer reviews put up on the internet are a great way of determining the expertise of a company in dealing with emergency pumping situations. The website of the companies involved in this field will also give a good idea of the services rendered by them and the charges levied.

How is the emergency controlled

When suffering from either a pump failure, chemical spills or even burst water mains and water discharge, residences and commercial and industrial sites can suffer a lot of damage within a very short span of time. Thus techniques employed for their control also has to be a bit drastic and effective within a very short period of time. Emergency pumping services team are generally equipped to handle such situations efficiently by employing certain techniques which generally help by either:

  • Temporarily pumping out excess water or sewage or grease etc,
  • Bypassing or diverting flows to provide immediate relief etc.

Irrespective of the emergency measure applied, the fact remains that they are all temporary in nature, done with a view to provide immediate relief. It is the onus of the homeowner or the person staying in the house to get in touch with professionals and get repair work done in the affected area. This makes for a long term solution viable both financially and functionally.

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