Clean septic tank naturally

Clean my septic tank naturally?

Clean my septic tank naturally? An overflowing septic tank, is the worst nightmare for any homeowner. This can happen to anyone, if they do not get their septic tank inspected and cleaned periodically.

A septic tank has a crucial role to play as it collects all the waste water that exits your house through drains, toilets, sinks, laundry, etc.

Therefore, it is important to maintain the health your septic tank and ensure it is functioning properly always.

You will need to keep your tank clean for it to perform well which might make you ask can I clean my septic tank naturally?

Turns out there are methods that you can use to keep the septic system in the best condition, clean or otherwise, naturally.

The septic tank has a huge role in the household. One can attribute it to be the most important piece! Your entire plumbing system depends on it to function properly.

One issue with the tank and all the plumbing items will start to fail one by one. You might find it unpleasant to even go near the tank that is buried under the ground in your premises however, as a home owner, you should be prepared for any sort of emergencies.

If you are cash strapped then hiring a professional might not be an option for you and you might be thinking can I clean my septic tank naturally, without the use of any specialized chemicals?
How do you clean a septic tank in the first place?

Cleaning the tank does not mean entering it and scrubbing the walls because that would be hazardous for anyone. Cleaning the tank involves:

    • – Digging the ground to reach the tank
    • – Opening the hatch carefully
    • – Attaching the pumping system securely
    • – Emptying the contents of the tank by pumping it out
    • – Removing the pumping assembly as carefully as possible
    • – Closing the hatch securely
             – Covering the hole once again through dirt

What are the natural methods anyways?

“Cleaning” the septic tank naturally refers to maintaining it through passive means to avoid any unwanted complications later. There are however home-made additives and methods that can answer to your query whether I can clean my septic tank naturally or not, with a yes. These are:

    • – Test that alarm of the system if it is fitted with one.
    • – Drain as less water as you can by limiting the water usage in your household.
    • – Do not put any heavy machinery or vehicle above your tank to protect it from collapsing.
    • – Regular maintenance is essential i.e. pump the tank once in a year or maximum two years.
    • – Ensure that old trees and vegetation does not reach the tank through their roots and complicate things
    • – Never use bleach to clean pipes or drain it directly into the sink and shower because it will kill the bacteria in the tank that helps break down solid waste in the tank
    • – Always use light chemicals to clean the house and toilets.
    • – For best and “natural” effects use a mix of baking soda and vinegar that eliminates all the dirt and does not harm the tank at all.
    • – To increase the breakdown activity in the tank and to better its performance you should ad yeast to the tank. It will act as fodder for the bacteria that help break down the solids in the bottom of the tank.
    •  – Flushing down over ripe tomatoes by crushing/blending them    

       will also help release healthy enzymes and boost bacterial activity in the tank.

These are some methods through which you can upkeep the septic tank in a very natural and passive way. Having said that, there is only so much that natural processes can do to keep your septic system in topmost shape. Hence you need to contact professionals occasionally to maintain it.

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