Septic Tank Cleaning Chemicals

A Guide on Protecting Your Septic Tank System from Cleaning Chemicals

If conventional septic tank cleaning chemicals are used they can create problems with the septic system’s mechanisms and the ecosystem. Your septic system cannot protect the ground water from all the chemicals that enter it – whether the chemicals are from cleaning products and household products. Such chemicals can also destroy the bacteria in the tank and render it ineffective in breaking down the waste material. So you should be careful not to let harmful compounds from entering this system.

Choose Septic Friendly Cleaning Products

You should choose to work with a pumping and cleaning service that uses ‘septic friendly’ cleaning products. These products have natural or bio-based ingredients and are free from chemicals-based cleaners. Some of these ingredients can include extracts from plants. 

The right septic system cleaning service like ABC can also guide you about the type of things that can be put down the drain. They can also provide preventative maintenance program to ensure that the system is regularly pumped and treated using safe septic tank cleaning chemicals. Even if a cleaner or additive contains organic compounds, you should be careful that they don’t cause any damage or contaminate the groundwater.

Products to Avoid from Septic Tanks

It is not just the septic tank cleaning chemicals that you should be concerned about. You should also be careful not to allow the following products and compounds from entering your home’s septic system.

  • Water Softeners: When you use water softeners, they can cause harm to the bacteria in the septic tank. They can cause release of higher concentrations of waste into the surroundings.
  • Oil-Based Products: Gasoline, solvents, paint thinners, and insecticides can poison the septic system and affect the water supply too.
  • Bath Oils: You may feel great using bath oils, but they are not good for your home’s septic system. They can cause clogging and create a coating on the waste. This prevents the waste from breaking down, rendering the system ineffective.
  • Grease: Grease from foods like bacon can build-up in the tank. This can result in the pipes getting clogged.
  • Drain Cleaners: Homeowners often use drain cleaners to unclog the drain. However, if you are not using safe materials they can destroy the bacteria in the septic tank. Avoid the use of caustic cleaners. It will be better to stick to boiling water or a sewer snake.

It is also important to prevent kitty litter from entering the septic system. It contains clay, which can clog the pipes and is hard to remove. 

Care with Household Cleaners

The cleaners you use in your home can also affect the septic system. A septic tank contains bacteria that break-down the waste and prevent the tank from getting full fast. When you pour too much household cleaners into the tank, these bacteria get destroyed. If you use only a small amount of cleaners, it is possible for the bacteria to recover and repopulate. Some of these cleaners include:

  • Laundry detergent
  • Bleach
  • Cleansing powder

However, the regular use of the cleaners over time can destroy the bacteria to an irrecoverable level. Households cleaners usually come with labels that tell you what level of safety do they offer. 

  • Cleaners with ‘warning’ label are moderately harmful. 
  • You should completely avoid cleaners with ‘poison or ‘danger’ on the label. 
  • Then there are cleaners with ‘caution’ label that means they can be slightly harmful.
  • It is recommended to choose cleaners with labels ‘septic-safe’ or ‘nontoxic’.

Avoid or Reduce Disinfectant Use

Besides the septic tank cleaning chemicals, it is also important to be careful with the disinfectants used in your home. These compounds are meant to destroy bacteria, germs, and viruses, but they can also kill the bacteria in the septic system. So you should reduce or limit their use.

It is recommended to use plants-based cleaners. If you must use the conventional disinfectants, use them on surfaces like countertops and tables. Avoid the use in toilets and sinks. You should avoid the use of disinfectants anywhere they are likely to enter the drainage system.

Limit the Water Poured into the Septic System

Besides taking care with the septic tank cleaning chemicals and all the cleaning products used in your home, it is also recommended to reduce the amount of water poured into the tank. This can prevent the tank from getting filled too often.

ABC provides professional septic system pumping and cleaning services. They use safe septic tank cleaning chemicals that don’t interfere with the bacterial composition of the tank. The eco-friendly compounds don’t contaminate the local soil and water. So make sure to keep the above-mentioned points in mind with regard to maintaining your home’s septic system. Regular professional cleaning can help in keeping the system working properly and in preventing any potential hazards or damages.

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Septic Tank Cleaning Service

Septic Tank Cleaning Service 4 Factors for Choosing the Right One

Regular pumping and cleaning of your home’s septic tank can save all the hassles and money. It is important to choose a reputed septic tank cleaning service that provides comprehensive services with high quality. There are several companies claiming to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. So how do you make the right choice? 

Here are 4 factors to consider when choosing the right service.

1. Choose a Licensed & Insured Septic Tank Cleaning Company

Make sure you are choosing a company that is fully licensed to operate in your state. Check the license and ensure that it is current. It is also important that the company is bonded and insured. These credentials help protect your interests as a client. Licensed professionals can follow proper cleaning measures and can also advise you on how to conserve water and prevent the septic tank from getting filled too often.

Never choose a company that doesn’t have general liability and worker’s comp insurance. A septic tank pumping and cleaning job comes with some potential risks. If any employee gets injured on your property, such insurance can protect you from being held liable.

2. Experience Septic Tank Cleaning Company

The longer a septic tank cleaning service has been in business, the better it is to hire their services. They will have more knowledge about handling different types of issues. For example, they will be better equipped to removing solid wastes if there are heavy roots penetrating the tank. If the tank’s access opening is too small, they will know how to reach all the sides and ensure thorough cleaning.

3. Services Provided

When looking for the right septic tank cleaning service, make sure that they provide both pumping and cleaning services. A typical pumping company is going to use a vacuum truck to remove the sludge. But thorough cleaning means both pumping and proper cleaning. Both pumping and cleaning are two different functions:

  • Pumping: This involves inserting a vacuum hose into the septic tank and removing the liquids.
  • Cleaning: This involves removing the liquids and solids.

If the solid waste is heavy, experts can use high-pressure water to break it down. If the waste is too thick to break down, it may be required to re-pump the septic tank after a few months.

You should also consider the following points when choosing the right service provider:

  • Do they carry long enough hoses to prevent damaging your lawn with by driving the truck over it?
  • Do they conduct an inspection of the tanks’ interiors for leaks, cracks, and roots?
  • Do they pump out all the compartments in the tank?
  • Will they wash the tank after pumping the liquid out?

The right septic tank cleaning service will carry extra lids to replace a broken lid.

The company will also have to remove the wastewater from your. So they should also be registered with the local authorities for safe wastewater hauling. It should be hauled according to the environmental regulations relevant to the state.

4. Reputation

The right company will also have excellent reputation in the market. You can start by getting references from your friends and family and create a list of trusted services. Another option is to check online reviews and feedbacks. Search for companies with positive reviews. It is also recommended to check with a company’s records with the Better Business Bureau. Find out the complaints against them and what steps they took to maintain their reputation.

Reputation is an important factor because you don’t want to hire a septic tank cleaning service that doesn’t do its job well. Look for someone that has an excellent track record for customer satisfaction. If they mess up, it can mean putting your family’s health at risk. 

Importance of Regular Septic Tank Cleaning

If you do not get the septic tank cleaned on time, the toilets are going to get clogged frequently. It is recommended to have it cleaned every 3 to 4 years or more frequently depending on your family size. If you maintain a fixed cleaning schedule, it will also make it easier to remove the solids. Delayed cleaning can mean that the waste can become thicker and harder to remove.

There are a number of factors that affect how often the tank should be cleaned. This includes your family size, the number of toilets you have, and how frequently they are used every day. If you live alone, you can do with cleaning services every 5 years or more. 

So keep all these points in mind when choosing the right septic tank cleaning service. Look for an experienced company that is fully licensed and has an excellent reputation in the market. You should discuss the cleaning process followed by the company to ensure that they provide thorough cleaning. ABC is the right service provider that also guides you on improving your lifestyle habits to reduce more frequent cleaning requirements.

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