10 Septic Tank Myths You Should Know

10 Septic Tank Myths You Should Know

There are 10 Septic Tank Myths that are circulating around. A septic tank is an essential part of the waste management system of your home. Just like your building needs regular maintenance, the septic tank, too, craves for pumping. People often ignore cleaning the septic tanks, which results in long-term expenditures. Eventually, you need to re-build the tank right from the start. The most common question people ask the pumping contractors is that How long does it take to fill up a septic tank? Well, the answer depends on a number of factors, including the number of people in the building, capacity of the septic tank, the amount of waste discharge and so on. Here, you will find ten common myths in this aspect and know why they are wrong.

Pumping a septic tank costs more than repairing

Most people think that it is useless to pump out the sludge every three to five years. Rather, they can save the money and repair it once in a decade if anything goes wrong. However, the leading pumping contractors recommend cleaning them regularly, as they provide the services at affordable costs. Once the pipes get clogged, you need to pay thousands of dollars to replace them.

Septic tanks last forever

No. Septic tanks have a specific lifespan, just like your home. If you take good care of these tanks, it may last up to 30 years. In order to ensure that you get them cleaned at the right time, you can ask the experts How long does it take to fill up a septic tank? Reliable service providers inspect the tank at regular intervals and clean them.

Adding additives are a replacement for pumping

Bacteria additives help to break down the solid wastes into liquid. However, it does not indicate that you can replace the entire pumping mechanism with additives. It is an essential part of the maintenance of the tank.

Garbage disposals are safe for septic tanks

Various equipment for softening of water and garbage disposals harm the septic systems. The reason is, garbage disposals add to the solid wastes in the tanks. It takes a much longer time for them to get decomposed. It increases the chances of clogging. On the other hand, water softeners increase the amount of liquid wastes in the system.

People can use as much water as possible

Some people hold the concept that the ground will absorb all the water. Hence, they can use as much water as they can. However, they should remember that each tank has its own capacity. Too much water discharge will result in overloading.

You can flush down anything down the toilet

Plastics, papers, wrappers and other materials, when flushed down the toilet, accumulates in the septic tank. These are difficult to be decomposed. Moreover, bacteria cannot grow on the plastic wrappers and other materials. They cut down the available space in the septic tank. Moreover, they also block the pipes, resulting in disruption of the entire system. Make sure that you do not discharge these materials through the toilet.

Bacteria additives are useless

In reality, bacteria additives are necessary to complement the existing bacteria in the septic tank. However, some people consider them to be useless. They opt for cleaning agents that kill the useful bacteria. This is harmful for your tank, as the good effects of bacteria are neutralized by the agents. You should ensure that the bacteria can work out well.

You need to pump out the septic tank only when a problem arises

In general, a septic tank needs a clean-up every three to five years. However, you should not hold the process till the last moment, waiting for the problem to crop up. As a security measure, you should appoint an inspection much ahead of the problem and get it cleaned. You may ask the inspectors How long does it take to fill up a septic tank? They recommend a clean-up after a certain period of time. You can boost up the durability of your septic tank in this process.

All septic tanks need a clean-up at the same interval

No. The capacity and usage of septic tanks vary according to the number of members, usage and other factors. You can safely appoint an inspection once in a year. The experts will clean the tank and assess its needs. Rely on a technically-refined company, so that the estimates are accurate.

You can build a temporary structure on your septic tank

It is not logical to build anything on the septic tank. It cuts down the flow of oxygen and delays the process of decomposition. Make sure that no obstruction comes in the way.

When you need to pump out the septic tank, call an expert pumping company. They can provide you with the estimated cost and deliver seamless cleaning services. A passionate, dependable and technically upgraded company can make the change.

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